Food Review: Emperor’s Buffet and Grill exceeds expectations

Emilee Wegner, Reporter

Across the app TikTok, it has been a trend to go to buffets with friends and record the plates that were gotten. Emperor’s Buffet and Grill in Appleton is one of the options near Berlin.

Upon entering the restaurant, customers are greeted at the front desk and pay before they eat. The price for an adult to eat at the buffet is $12.63.  After paying, customers can choose where they would like to sit. Once seated, customers enter the buffet area and then can start with getting their own drinks. There are then five buffet stations with one being a sushi bar. 

Overall the Chinese food part of the buffet exceeded expectations, while the sushi bar was subpar. Emperor’s Buffet and Grill had good options for everyone.

Overall review: 4/5

The teriyaki chicken earned a 4/5. The chicken was nice and juicy and had good flavor. It also went well with the sauce from the dumplings.
The crab rangoon received a 5/5. They had a nice crunch on the outside and the perfect ratio of cream cheese and crab.
The lo mein noodles got a 4/5. They are a good choice for the picky eater in the group since these noodles had no vegetables added in, although they were slightly on the drier side.
The fried wonton dumplings received a 5/5. They were fried perfectly and tasted good combined with the sauce.
The sesame green beans earned a 5/5. They had a nice flavor and still had a good crunch to them.
The egg roll received a 1/5. Although it had a nice crisp outside, the inside of the egg roll was dry and flakey.
The beef and broccoli got a 5/5. The beef had the perfect flavor and the broccoli was not soggy.
The potato chunks received a 4/5. They had a more plain flavor but still tasted good. Another great option for the picky eater.
The Tuna roll, boston roll and spicy kani roll all received a 1/5. All of the rolls had a “day old sushi” taste to them and did not meet the same expectations that all the other food did.