New hall pass system takes effect


Elyse Osterberg

Junior Amber Dretske gets SmartPass ready before going to the bathroom. She used her new Amazon Fire Tablet that she won during Homeroom Olympics.

Elyse Osterberg, Reporter

With the new semester starting, a new hall pass system has been put into place called SmartPass. With only three passes available per destination at a time. Students have to sign in and pick where they are coming from and where they are going. A timer will then start with 3-5 minutes for them to get to their destination and back. This new system is supposed to help with students’ safety and accountability according to Principal Bryant Bednarek. It is likely that some issues will surface due to a new system getting put into play. 

Like any new initiative, I am anticipating some bumps in the road. The staff and I have tried to play out many of those scenarios so that we minimize them, but when something comes up we will address it,” Bednarek said. 

Some students have already formed their opinion on the new system. Sophomore November Mankowski has found some problems with the hall passes.

The new system is kind of annoying because when you have to go you have to sign into your computer and sometimes they are really slow or you have to install an app on your phone,” Mankowski said. 

Junior Harmony Geier has also found some problems that she’s been faced with when using the new hall pass system. 

“I think we should have about seven minutes for the time limit because five minutes is not enough time,” Geier said.

The reason for such a short time is because the system is supposed to prevent students from spending too much time in the bathroom not doing what they are supposed to.

“The new system could take more time for a kid to go to the bathroom because they have to sign into the computer or get on their phone and fill out this entire thing and it can take away from their class time,” Mankowski said. 

Even though kids who are using it are finding problems with the system, it is doing what it’s supposed to; restricting kids from spending too much time in the bathrooms. 

I think the new system is good and bad. It’s probably more effective at catching the kids that are abusing it, but it’s also more restrictive for the rest of us,” Geier said.

The system is not put into place to punish the kids, instead try to make it more efficient.   

“Most students are responsible. They ask to use the restroom, go, and return in a timely manner. The hall pass system is not a consequence or a punishment. BHS has had hall passes for decades. We are just upgrading by taking advantage of new technology and making the process as efficient as possible,” Bednarek said.