Track starts pre-season training


Elyse Osterberg

Junior Autumn Young is doing a hanging leg raise at one of the pre-season training sessions for track. “I like to do well and do whatever the coaches teach that will help later,” Young said.

Abby Milliron

The track and field team started their pre-season training on Jan. 3. They train in the weight room every Monday through Thursday from 3:30-4:30.

The track team strives to find ambitious athletes looking for something new and fun to try. 

“We are always promoting students to be involved in extracurriculars. Whether it is track or any other sport, get involved,” Athletic Director Joe Stellmacher said. 

The track and field team needs athletes to participate in events. There are many events that students can participate in. The pre-season is for student athletes to ready their bodies and minds by increasing muscle and endurance. They are looking for runners, jumpers, and throwers.

“Student athletes are doing some weight training and running in preparation for the spring track season,” Stellmacher said.

Sophomore Alex Budde is working on her arms and legs to prepare for track.

Alex Budde is doing a lunge with weights. “I think more people should come and join track,” Budde said. (Elyse Osterberg)


“I decided to participate in the pre-season because it’s fun and it gives me a head start for the season so I’m in shape and ready to go,” Budde said. 

Junior Autumn Young trains on compound movements and explosive movements. Senior Grace Werch trains by running and lifting. 

Track season begins on March 7.