Food Review: Valentine’s chocolates do not meet expectations

Elyse Osterberg, Reporter

Valentine’s Day by red green
Every year before February even hits, the shelves begin to stock up with pink and red heart themed decorations and candies for Valentine’s Day. A day dedicated to a loved one, with the expectation of wowing them with flowers, cards and best of all chocolate. When most people think of Valentine’s Day chocolates they think of the classic heart shaped boxes with a variety of different fun shaped chocolates inside. This year The Red ‘n’ Green staff decided to try a variety of different Valentine’s Day chocolates in an attempt to find the best one. There were four different kinds of chocolates that were sampled all coming from Walmart, with the prices ranging from $4- $15.
The first contender was Russell Stover assorted milk and dark chocolates, a classic variety pack of chocolates costing $5. Some of the different types of chocolates included are milk chocolate caramel, dark chocolate truffle and milk chocolate strawberry cream. Right off the bat the packaging was not very Valentine’s Day themed. The box was just a plain, brown rectangular box. The chocolate itself did not have a great taste to it and the texture was a little off. Overall the chocolate received a pretty low rating from our Red ‘n’ Green taste testers.
The next contender was Dove assorted chocolates, containing creamy caramels, milk chocolate peanut butter truffle hearts and dark chocolate truffle hearts. This one was the most expensive at $15. With it being the most expensive, the packaging was the nicest out of all of them. The chocolate was packaged in a pink heart shaped tin container with a black bow around it. Like the previous one, the taste of the chocolate was a little off. It didn’t exactly taste like chocolate, instead it gave off a cardboard taste. The overall rating was pretty low, which came as a surprise since the price was the highest out of all of them.
The third contender was Ghirardelli chocolate assortment duet hearts, costing $6. From the appearance of the chocolate they were expected to be creamy and delicious, with the shape being cute little hearts. However as the first bite was taken many found that the chocolate was hard and not creamy whatsoever. The chocolate itself was nothing special, just plain milk chocolate. This resulted in the ratings being very neutral.
The final contender was Lindt Lindor milk and white milk chocolate truffles, costing $6. With a creamy white chocolate center and a milk chocolate coating around the outside, this chocolate was a big hit for the staff. It was also very eye-catching with the bright pink wrapping surrounding the chocolate. With that being said this chocolate was rated the highest out of all of them. So if you were looking for the best chocolate to wow your loved one for next year’s Valentines Day, Lindt Lindor chocolates is the best way to go.