BHS bids farewell to secretary Missy Gravunder

Camdyn Rohde, Reporter

Former BHS Secretary Missy Gravunder has officially moved from her position at the high school and has taken a new job as the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Clerk at the district office. BHS alumna Emily McMartin ‘18 has since taken over Gravunder’s position, her start date being Feb 8.
“I have been helping her (McMartin) learn the sports aspect of her role and have been helping Ms. Judas learn the academic award system. I am available as the rest of my duties get distributed,” Gravunder said.
Since August of 2011, Gravunder has been working alongside BHS Secretary Laura Sobieski, the two knowing each other for roughly 15 years.
“Mrs. Gravunder is precise and dedicated. I wish her all the best at the district office. I know she will be great in her new role,” Sobieski said.
Before Gravunder became one of BHS’s office secretaries, she had previously already held the position of Purchasing and Accounts Payable Clerk until former District Office employee Peg Sylvester took over.
“I replaced Mrs. Gravunder in this office almost 11 years ago as an Accounts Payable Clerk. She has the perfect background for returning here and refining her skills for a different aspect of the job, i.e., purchasing,” Sylvester said. “She is a pleasure to work with and I rest easy leaving my responsibilities in such capable hands. ‘Re-training’ her is a delight. It is an exercise in examining how nothing has changed, yet everything has changed.”
Within the past 11 years, Gravunder says she has enjoyed working with both students and staff at BHS.
“I enjoy the entire school year, from Parent Teacher Conference nights, to Academic Award breakfasts, to cheering on sports teams, to attending musical events, and the dress up days for the festive weeks like Homecoming and Winterfest,” Gravunder said.
Gravunder has served Berlin High School well while she held the position of Secretary. Even so, Sylvester is sure that Gravunder will pick right back up where she left off at the District Office.
“She brings the District Office a perspective on the challenges our staff and students face daily, helping us to do what is best for our number one priority; you students,” Sylvester said.