Be Great Graduate program helps those in need


Eydie Reiser

Senior Jalliana Ledesma was on a call with the governor Tony Evers as part of the program.

Abby Milliron, Reporter

The Be Great Graduate program is part of the Boys & Girls Club. It originated in the Green Bay area and it then has spread around the state of Wisconsin. The program has been around for three years total at Berlin High School according to Graduation Specialist Eydie Reiser. The program has been in the state of Wisconsin for nine years total according to the Boys & Girls Club website. Reiser has been Berlin’s adviser for two years.
“Our goal is to try to lighten other structures or factors in their life that would try to prevent a successful graduation from being possible,” Reiser said.
Senior Luyen Pham has gained support academically and personally from adults who became positive role models for her. They have also helped her achieve success in various aspects in life.
“Being part of the Be Great Graduate Program has provided me with caring mentors, healthy lifestyles support and a safe environment,” Pham said.
The Be Great Graduate program helps those in need academically, physically, and emotionally.
“Our adviser, Eydie Reiser, checks on us daily. She always makes sure that we’re doing well both academically and mentally,” Pham said.

Reiser and Pham taking a selfie together. (Luyen Pham)

Reiser tries to lead her students towards success by having them create goals and plans of actions to go along with their goals.
Reiser allows students to come to her office and work on things such as homework, take a test, and even just come in for a sympathetic ear.
Ever since this program started, Reiser has been able to see some really struggling students completely turn their lives around and accomplish their goals, pass classes and get the credits they need to graduate. With these successes there are still challenges.
“Some challenges we have with meeting is that there is not enough time in the day and students are busy. We see a lot of students that need help and support but cannot get into the program. Some students struggle in attendance with going to school and some just attending classes. Another issue is getting kids involved socially and non-digitally,” Reiser said.
Reiser can work with students from grades 6-12. Reiser receives students by either a teacher or parent referral; sometimes a friend could recommend the student to be monitored. She tries to focus on students that are in need of support. In the middle school grades she tries to focus more on the end of seventh grade to eighth grade because that’s when students are preparing for high school and she wants to make sure that they are ready for high school.
Students do not have to pay extra fees to benefit from Be Great Graduate, and can join any time of the year.
“We prefer to enroll the students in the end of July to August so they can get started and have everything planned and ready for when the school year starts,” Reiser said.
Students have scheduled times with their adviser and they can meet at any time; they can meet during school, lunch time, after school, or at the Boys & Girls Club.
“I would love for people to understand that it is an honor to work with these students and help them with their struggles. Every student needs help at times, and we shouldn’t label these students,” Reiser said.