Students, teachers make most of spring break

Elyse Osterberg, Reporter

Spring break is the time to take days off from school and hang out with friends and family. It also can be a break from the cold weather. For senior Citlalli Cobos Lara, she and her family went to Florida over break.  

I went with my family and we went to Florida as it’s something we usually don’t do and we finally can,” Cobos Lara said. 

English teacher Erika Pethan spent her time off from school to hang out with her friends and family. 

I went to Chicago with one of my friends for a few days (Sunday-Tuesday), and then I spent the rest at home with my family,” Pethan said.

Not only does spring break give time off from school, it can also give time to go and do some of students’ favorite activities.

I was most excited to go to Sea World as it’s my favorite thing to do in Orlando,” Cobos Lara said. 

For junior Anna Schumacher, she used her time to go on college tours. 

Over spring break, I went on two college tours. I toured Lawrence University and Ripon College,” Schumacher said. “It’s the most convenient time to take college tours because I won’t be missing any school.”

Having a week off of school can be a good mental break for students, especially being well into the semester where classes begin to become more difficult. 

“I was most excited about having a couple of days to sleep in. It was nice to have a little mental break from school and school activities,” Schumacher said.