‘Black Widow’ saves millions

Skylar Longsine, Reporter

The first movie based on the story of Black Widow came out on July 9, 2021 after several years of talk. This movie was very attention grabbing with new elements being introduced every scene. There were a few parts that were a little cheesy, but there were amazing scenery changes, and quality acting from all the cast. Also there were very important moments of comic relief. Such as the ongoing joke of Romanoff being a poser in times of distress. 

The time frame it takes place is after “Captain America: Civil War.” The lead role Natasha Romenoff is played by Scarlett Johansson. The second lead female role Yelena Belova is played by Florence Pugh. Florence Pugh has been in two other Marvel productions including “Hawkeye” and “Assembled.” Johansson has been in a total of eleven Marvel productions including all the Avengers, two Iron Mans, one Spiderman, two Captain Americas, and Captain Marvel. 

Throughout “Black Widow” Romanoff fights her way through the burdens of her past. Her journey begins after the discovery of her long lost family. After they reunite, the truth about all their connections to the red room become clear. The red room has been mentioned in other Marvel cinematic universe movies. It is a place where young women are taken to be trained into assassins. At the very last level of their training they are forced to become sterilized, to prevent them from caring about anything more than a mission. As the girls figure out solutions and push against everything they have known, viewers may find a sense of empowerment.There was one specific scene where they rescue their Alexis and there was a sense of sadness and anger towards each other. This is one of many examples of how the combination of excellent acting and strong script writing keeps watchers itching to know more.  

“Black Widow” took a different perspective than a classic Marvel movie. It showed a real life issue rather than the fighting of aliens and gods. Both of the sisters were trafficked and brainwashed and forced to perform actions against their will. They were a part of an underground society that trafficked young girls and turned them into whatever they wanted, which in this case was soldiers. But when the sisters found a cure to prevent them from being mind controlled they knew they could bring the red room down and save all the girls. Overall Black Widow deserves 4/5 stars, and is a must watch.