Students participate in overnight trivia after two years off

Elyse Osterberg, Reporter

The winners of this year’s Overnight Trivia are Jazmin Rodencal, Karisa Tessaro, Sophie Ryf and Penny Bongert with 1,430 points. Overnight Trivia is an annual event where students can come together as a team and work on trivia questions. Senior Penny Bongert decided to try it this year because it caught her interest and she found it to be a great way to bond with friends.

I think it’s a great bonding experience for the team and honestly just a good time if you pick the right team,” Bongert said.  

Students had to put together a team of three to six people and were then assigned to a classroom on the second level where they had to work together to answer a variety of trivia questions including everything from who is the actress to questions about WWII. Trivia began at 8 p.m. and ran until 8 a.m. on March 11. Science teacher Ben Sanderfoot was in charge of organizing the whole event. 

I’m in charge of setting everything up, making sure a team has a suitable classroom to use, and setting up the trivia contest Chromebooks,” Sanderfoot said. “During the event itself, I walk around to check in and talk with teams, and make sure everything is running smoothly.”

Teams were able to bring different games and snacks to occupy them when they were not doing trivia.

“I enjoyed the snack and games. It allowed for us to have other things to do besides just trivia,” junior Harmony Geier said. 

For Bongert she and her team would also occupy themselves by playing games. 

My team and I played video games and card games, as well as a trivia game that kept our minds active while we were playing,” Bongert said. 

During trivia night it’s important for teams to get creative in order to be able to answer the trivia questions efficiently, which can ultimately lead to a win. 

I enjoy the fact that teams get so creative with their room set up and how they keep themselves entertained,” Sanderfoot said.