Track athletes place high in first meet

Reese Nowicki, Reporter

The first meet for track was located at Ripon College on March 17. The girls placed 1st with 139 points and boys placed 3rd with 70 points.

The pre-season of track started with athletes building their endurance and strength in the workout room or gym.  The coaches then held an informational meeting on Feb. 24 regarding the start of official track season.  All five coaches were there to explain what they coach for the team and what they hope they will see from all of the athletes.  The first day of practice was on March 7.

“It’s a cool opportunity to learn new things,” junior Wyatt Miller said.

For freshman Eva Fellgal participation in track had become a family tradition starting with her older sisters Julie, Sarah, and Alexa Fleegal. 

My mom and sister influenced me to do track because all my other sisters have done it,” freshman Eva Fleegal said.

In Miller’s offseason he practiced in his backyard and with the cross team working on anything and everything he could to prepare for the track season.

“I feel more prepared than everyone else because I practiced out of the off season, I went during the cross country season, ran all winter, leading up to track, ” Miller said.

  Track coach and Athletic Director Joe Stellmacher provides assistance to help the track team work towards achieving success by running drills.

The sprinting team has a  warm up that they do to activate their sprinting muscles, that’s the key workout that we do. We have sprinters mechanics, a variety of different things like ride up on your toes, keeping arms at a 90 degree angles, elbows clear of the torso, keep tall, there’s a whole variety of different things, but that is the most of what we use when they run,” Stellmacher said.

With it being early in the season, Stellmacher knows the track team has work to put in, but is hopeful to see advancements.

Well, we are early in the season now, but we are getting there. I hope to progress as the season goes on, you know, hopefully, peak at the right time come May and June,” Stellmacher said.