Students step out of comfort zones, into new sports


EDGE Photography

Freshman Taviah Fredenburg goes to kick the ball at the soccer game at home vs. Little Chute on April 11.

Elyse Osterberg, Reporter

High school is the time for students to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. Students can do this by going out for a sport. Senior Allie Borland decided to try out track for her last year of high school.
“I was in track in middle school and wanted something fun I could do during the end of the school year,” Borland said.
With sports it is easy to create bonds with new teammates and make new memories. Freshman Taviah Fredenburg has experienced that by joining soccer.
“I enjoy the people I play with and the overall good environment that the team has created,” Fredenburg said.
Borland has also found herself forming bonds with people that she never thought she would.
“Track is a lot more chill than the other sports I have competed in, mostly because everyone in track is so supportive. There are a lot of people that will help you or work with you, even if they’re not normally who you would hang out with,” Borland said. “Track (in my opinion) just tends to be a lot less cliquey than other sports.”
With trying new things comes some challenges that need to be overcome.
“There’s a big learning curve that comes with anything new, so that’s always a challenge. Personally, I was in the musical and track at the same time, and trying to balance out those extracurriculars was quite difficult for a while,” Borland said.
There are many extracurriculars available that can open new doors for students.
“I think that if there is anyone out there that is even kind of interested in doing a sport, even if they don’t think they’ll be that good, to try it because it is an amazing experience,” Fredenburg said.