Fleegal hosts praiseworthy blood drive


Mia Simon, Reporter

We praise Senior Alexa Fleegal for hosting a blood drive open to the student body. Fleegal worked very hard on putting the blood drive together, and getting the number of people to participate that she did. Fleegal hosted a blood drive here at Berlin High school on Monday, April 4.

 Even though all of the spots were filled, some students were not eligible. Whether it was because their height to weight ratio was not in the range it was supposed to be or if the students took certain medications that could not be in the blood . There was still a great turn out. 

Even though there were some limitations or fears going into the drive. Some students were not able to participate in sports for 24 hours after getting their blood drawn, and quite a few students were afraid of needles. There were many brave students, and workers who participated. The workers of the blood drive deal with a lot on the daily while doing blood drives. The work and health risks medical field workers take on daily goes unrecognized, we would like to recognize the hard work they put into every task they take on. Along with the health workers, there were many courageous students who chose to take the time to participate in Fleegal’s blood drive. 

Senior Alexa Fleegal deserves praise for the amount of work that she has put into the drive. Fleegal put a lot of effort into getting as many spots filled as possible, and organizing the day of the blood drive. Overall it was a great blood drive with a lot of participants.