Staff Editorial: Masks off, PDA on


Mia Simon

Cartoon done by Mia Simon. It depicts two students kissing with a no symbol in between them.

Red 'n' Green Staff

There has recently been an uptick of public displays of affection (PDA). Walking through the hallways is almost impossible without witnessing some sort of PG-13 content. While most people would think that this behavior would be from upperclassmen, this is typically seen from the underclassmen. 

Since COVID-19 restrictions started, PDA typically trended downward simply because of the many restrictions that were put on students. Masking became a full time thing and social distancing was the new normal. Students just did not have the opportunity to get close enough to display these awkward acts. Now, however, all of the COVID-19 restrictions are gone and students are able to be closer to each other than we ever thought possible. 

The PDA in this school is revolting and it makes other students that have to witness it uncomfortable. There is a time and a place for everything. School is the place for learning and passing time is simply for students to get from one class to another. School is not the place for students to be making out or constantly touching each other. Most students do not want to be witnessing these acts at 7:45 a.m. as they are walking into school. School is still a public space that people go to. These acts should be saved for when they are alone. Students do not need to be publicizing the fact that they have a significant other by groping and making out with them in places where the entire school is able to see.

The school handbook specifically states, “The faculty and school administration want you to make friends, but ask that you use good judgment in your behavior. Touching should be limited to hand holding only.” Given that this is the set rule, students should be following it and refrain from displaying acts of physical contact at school. 

PDA has no place in Berlin High School. It is uncomfortable for other students to witness and downright inappropriate for school. Students need to become more aware of their surroundings and think before they decide to make out and display it to the entire school.