Cheer team prepares for Homecoming performance

Elyse Osterberg, Business Manager

In preparation for Homecoming, the cheer team has been working on their performance for the pep rally. To perfect their performance, the cheer team began practice in the summer.

Flyer Brenna Mosier goes up into the air to cheer on the Berlin football team.
(Elyse Osterberg )

We started practicing at the beginning of June. Preparation wise we have done pretty well as stressful as it is. We also have about 14 hours of practice during the week of Homecoming,” sophomore Sophie Olofson said. 

The team has been working on new stunts, tumbling and cheers for the Homecoming performance. 

“It was a lot of putting things together from the camp that we had over the summer. We also have been working on a lot of new and more advanced stunts with the girls,”Co-Cheer Captain and senior Madelyn Reabe said. 

There have also been some obstacles the team has been faced with that they have had to work out. 

“We have been faced with many challenges whether it was losing members or just simple team arguments. As hard as it is as a whole, we have gotten over them by simply talking it through and communicating as a team,” Olofson said.

Another obstacle the team faced was not having enough funds for new uniforms.

“We also struggle with not having enough funding for uniforms, signs etc.. By having a lot of fundraisers it can help us get the money,” Co-Cheer Captain and senior Mia Simon said. 

Even with the many obstacles the team has made much progress as a team. 

“I am proud of all the other girls for how far we have gotten so far for this performance,” Reabe said.  

With this routine, the team will be able to show off what they can do and how they have improved.  

“We are growing so much as a team and I am so excited to see what the team grows into,” Simon said.