Foreign exchange students adjust to BHS


Elyse Osterberg

Foreign exchange student Eglantine Duval comes from France and Argelia Sosa-Hernandez comes from Mexico. They say that they have enjoyed participating in sports and extracurriculars.

Elyse Osterberg, Business Manager

Berlin High School welcomes exchange students from all over the world each year. Eglantine Duval is from France and Argelia Sosa-Hernandez is from Mexico. They are both excited for the new opportunities they get to experience.
“One thing that I enjoy the most is the library and all the variety it has. In my school we have one, but it is not as big,” Hernandez said.
Duval has also expressed her excitement about new learning experiences and the many extracurriculars she can participate in.
“I think I am most excited about prom and all the school events,” Duval said.
There are many things that the exchange students experience here that they could not before.
“At school here the teachers have their own class. There is a lot of school spirit. The teachers are friendly, the sports are part of the school, we do not finish the day at 6 p.m. and we don’t have a lot of homework,” Duval said.
Hernanadez has also found many differences, and says she has come to enjoy school very much during her time here.
“Almost everything is different, the way that the teachers work, the lunch, the classrooms and that they do not use uniforms,” Hernandez said.
One thing they both found most different are the sports and extracurriculars offered here. Duval joined the volleyball team and Hernandez joined the swim team.
“I’m on the swim team right now and I love so much how they are a real team and support each other,” Hernandez said.
Along with sports, the school spirit that the student body shows has come as a surprise to both the foreign exchange students.
“Most of the people have a lot of school spirit. They go to the games, and enjoy and support all the sports and school activities,” Hernandez said.