Students appreciate wide variety of classes


Issac Smith

Both AP and CAPP classes are now available at BHS. These courses can be taken for college credits. For AP courses there is a strict timeline and a final test that must be passed to earn credits.

Red 'n' Green Staff

One of the good things about BHS is the wide variety of different classes including the opportunity to take Cooperative Academic Partnership Program also known as CAPP and Advanced Placement also known AP classes. CAPP and AP classes have the same outcome of potential college credit, but with AP comes the final assessment.
Students can complete the AP class with a passing grade, but if the student struggles taking tests the credit will not be rewarded. With AP classes there is an end of the year test that must be passed in order to collect the college credit. On the test only one attempt is allowed in which a score of four out of five must be achieved. The class grade will not be affected by the outcome of the final assessment. The class is based on a 5.0 grade scale rather than the normal 4.0 similar to CAPP courses.
With the introduction of the AP teachers are trying to learn the curriculum along with the students to find the right speed. Also, with the set curriculum along with the strict timeline it does not leave much room for creativity. For CAPP classes there is no test that the teacher must lead the students to pass. They can take their time to expand or skip the parts they see fit.
Though there are obvious downsides, AP has some positive aspects. All AP courses are free making them accessible to all students. Though CAPP classes are $100 a credit, for students on free and reduced lunch there is a tuition reduction. Another class opportunity is those offered through Moraine Park Technical which are also free of charge and can transfer to most four year colleges.
Though there are some evident challenges with AP it is still too soon to form an opinion. The opportunity to have a wide variety of classes to choose from is important and appreciated.