Musical Photo Gallery: ‘The Addams Family’

Emilee Wegner, Social Media Manager

This years school musical was “The Addams Family” directed by Lisa Utecht. This is Utecht’s final musical before she retires. The musical took a spin on the original “The Adamms Family” movie. The musical ran from Nov. 10 to Nov. 12.

The eighth graders were in their seats waiting for the musical to begin. The curtains opened and the cast had the audience’s full attention. (Emilee Wegner)
After the beginning scene, the ghosts of the Addams family past were let out by Uncle Fester, played by Spencer Goettl, and they were not allowed to go back to the cemetery until they helped Wednesday Addams, played by Aleea Lichtenberg, and Lucas Beineke, played by Aidan Pierstorff. (Emilee Wegner)
The ghosts of Addams family’s past surround the Addams family. This was the end of the opening scene. (Emilee Wegner)
Ethan Brunke, as Gomez Addams, sings a solo expressing his feelings about choosing between keeping his daughter’s secret or maintaining his promise of truth to his wife. (Emilee Wegner)
Wednesday Addams tortures her brother, Pugsley Addams, who is played by Jenna Tuinstra. Pugsley is worried that with Wednesday’s new love interest, she may not take time for him and torture him anymore. (Emilee Wegner)
The ghosts of Addams family past are spying on Lucas while he convinces his parents, Mal and Alice Beineke, played by Jeffery Manata and Laurel Miller, to not be judgemental of the Addams family. (Emilee Wegner)
Lurch, the butler, played by Jack Gerber, intimidates the Beineke family as they enter the Addams family’s home. Mal and Alice grab Lucas with uncertainty and hold him back from Lurch. (Emilee wegner)
Gomez once again is conflicted with his decision on keeping the big secret of Wednesday’s from Morticia, played by Anna Schumacher. (Emilee Wegner)
Uncle Fester sees the families begin to fight and as the Beineke family is about to leave, Fester commands the ghosts of Addams family past to bring on the weather. The storm makes it so the Beinekes cannot leave.
(Emilee Wegner)
The ghosts of Addams family past carry Morticia as she expresses her anger and betrayal about Gomez lying to her. (Emilee Wegner)
Uncle Fester starts singing to his true love, the moon. The moon was carried through the auditorium by a ghost of the family. (Emilee Wegner)
Blindfolded, Wednesday shoots an arrow at Lucas to show his faith he has in her. The ghosts help guide the arrow along to perfectly hit the apple, with no harm being done to Lucas. (Emilee Wegner)
Mal and Alice, Lucas and Wednesday hold hands and sing together to express their feelings. Both couples overcame their differences and came back together at this point. (Emilee Wegner)
Lurch, who had not spoken a word up until this point, begins to sing in front of everyone in the house. They all become silent and look shocked at Lurch’s singing voice. (Emilee Wegner)
The Addams family says goodbye to Uncle Fester as he sends himself to the moon to be with his true love. (Emilee Wegner)
As Uncle Fester is gone, and Wednesday and Lucas are still in love, the ghosts are allowed back into the cemetery. (Emilee Wegner)
The ghosts complete their role in the show with a bow.
(Emilee Wegner)
Gomez and Morticia end their roles with a curtsey and a bow. (Emilee Wegner)
All cast members of “The Addams Family” give a unified bow to end the musical. (Emilee Wegner)