Podcast Review: ‘New Heights’ excels with unique perspective


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New Heights with Jason & Travis Kelce is a new podcast hosted by NFL brothers Jason and Travis Kelce with a new episode getting released every Wednesday.

Jackson Bartol, Reporter

“New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce” is a sports podcast hosted by NFL players and brothers, Jason and Travis Kelce. Since the hosts are both NFL players the main topic of discussion is the previous NFL week. They ask each other questions and discuss news within the NFL. The podcast was just recently started before the start of the 2022-23 NFL season with their first episode being released on Sept. 7. A new episode gets released every Wednesday.
The podcast has a few different segments to help maintain a good structure. Every week the brothers prepare a list of questions to ask each other about things that happened during their game. The mix between the childhood stories and the productive conversations about their NFL games is the perfect recipe for a great podcast. In a recent episode, Jason asked Travis about a “temper tantrum” that happened during week nine of the NFL season, when Travis threw his helmet across the field. Jason then brings up how Travis would throw “temper tantrums” after losing in video games when they were kids. Another popular segment is brothers reacting to news within the NFL. What makes this segment so popular is they are able to give an inside perspective on fan complaints and trending NFL news and sports headlines. Their overall unique perspective makes for a great podcast.
This new podcast has been off the charts in terms of ratings. The podcast is rated number one on Chartable’s list of top 100 sports podcasts in the United States. Along with being rated the number one podcast in the United States, it also has a total of over 5,000 five star ratings throughout apple podcasts and Spotify. The New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce YouTube channel has over 191,000 subscribers. Football fans will love this podcast because it is very unique compared to other sports shows I have listened to. It is the perfect combination of an interesting and productive conversation with a mix of funny and entertaining stories. This is a new up and coming podcast with no end in sight. Rating : 5/5