Pride in the Ride: Goemer repairs vehicles from snowmobiles to trucks


Braeden Goemer

The Firebird Goemer has been working on. He says that he may sell it to buy something else.

Issac Smith, Reporter

Repairing vehicles is no easy feat, yet some students choose to take that extra step like senior Braeden Goemer.
“It started when I bought my Firebird and that needs quite a bit of work, but I really do not want to work on it because it has a lot of electrical problems. Then, I bought my Dodge Dakota and that is nice and simple to work on and I paid next to nothing for it so I do not mind working on it. I get to learn stuff and eventually with some hard work it will be a decent truck,” Goemer said.
It is difficult to fully repair a vehicle, so Goemer primarily focuses on function rather than perfection. Goemer has fixed two cars, those being the Dodge Dakota and Firebird. He also has worked on four wheelers and snowmobiles.
“I thought about selling my truck but I got it registered and everything. In total, I invested and spent about $2,100. The thing is really rusty so I probably would not be able to get any more than I spent so I am just keeping it for myself. The Firebird I might sell for something nicer because it is shot on the interior and the paint is really rough,” Goemer said.
Goemer also helps his friends when they have a damaged vehicle. He says he has been working with cars for about eight months and vehicles in general for about a year and a half.
“I mostly work by myself, but occasionally my friends need some help so I will come and help them out because I have got a little bit of knowledge,” Goemer said.
One of the students he has worked with is senior Ryan Retzlaff, who also has an interest in vehicle repair.
“He helped me work on some of my vehicles, snowmobiles and four wheelers. I do it as my job working on trucks and semis,” Retzlaff said.