Girls Basketball has high hopes with new coach

Jackson Bartol, Reporter

The Berlin girls have a new coach this season once again. Special education teacher Ray Mlada will be taking the role of the fourth coach in four years for Berlin. However, that is nothing new for senior guard Anna Kurczek.
“What is different from this coach than our previous coaches is that he works at the school so we can get to know him before the season, “ Kurczek said.

The new coach does not seem to be an issue for the team through the first couple games as they are undefeated so far in the season with a record of 3-0. The positive start may not continue for the team as lack of depth seems to be the issue at hand. Junior guard Emma Boegh says the team can overcome this issue.
“I think our biggest challenges will come with the fact that we are lacking in numbers. We have lots of talent on our team, but we don’t have the numbers to give those girls a break when needed. Conditioning will play a huge part in winning and losing,” Boegh said.
Head Coach Mlada looks to bring a new culture into the program. Mlada has 22 years of experience across four different schools. Mlada’s style of play is up tempo and aggressive but he also wants to find a system that fits the players.
“Kids are fairly focused, work fairly hard, and appear to get along with one another. Our starting five can compete with most teams and our bench has been far more productive than I anticipated so I guess we’re a bit further along than I anticipated,” Mlada said.
The Indians have an overall record of 3-0 and their next game is Thursday Dec. 1 in Plymouth.