Staff Editorial: Veterans Day a success


Issac Smith

People coming together as a community to show their respect for the veterans who served this country.

Red 'n' Green Staff

The Veterans Day program, on Nov. 11, was ultimately a success. Even with every student in the district in one place, everyone was well behaved and showed respect to veterans.
Students remained silent during the program, stood when requested and generally acted responsibly. Musical performances all played well and the speeches ranged from the history of Veterans Day to poems from students.
For example, during the national anthem, students took off their hats in respect. When students gave a speech, music was played or when the veterans introduced themselves, the audience listened. During the moment of silence, students showed respect for those who were lost during battle.
Even cooler is the fact that it has been a few years since everyone was all gathered together as a community for such an important day.
Overall, Veterans Day went really well with the whole district coming together to give respect to all veterans, both here with us today and those who gave their lives for the United States. It would be great to see again next year.