Seniors start next chapter with early graduation


Anna McCarthy

Early graduate Bianca Thom gives one of her last presentations during high school. The seniors who decide to graduate early will have their last day on Friday, Jan. 13. “I’m going to miss going to after school events with my friends,” Thom said.

Anna McCarthy, Editor-in-Chief

For most seniors, graduation will be in May, but a small group of seniors will be graduating on Friday, Jan. 13. These seniors chose to graduate early at the end of first semester. 

I’m graduating early to get a headstart in a program at a technical college. I have no real reason to push through the last semester of my high school career since I would be meeting the required credits to graduate in May, and there are no other classes that catch my eye. I’ve completed what I wanted to — I’m just ready for the next step in life,” early graduate Madelyn Nigbor said.

In order to graduate early, students must meet all of the requirements that normal graduates need to meet. 

The main requirement that you need the most is meeting the minimum number of credits for PE, English, mathematics, science, social studies, and electives. Other than that, you would need to provide a written explanation as to why you were graduating early and your overall GPA throughout the year,” Nigbor said. 

Graduating early allows students to have more time to work and earn money for post-secondary education.

I wanted to graduate early and work to save money for college. I am going to go to Fox Valley Tech for Occupational Therapy in the fall,” early graduate Bianca Thom said. 

For Nigbor, graduating early allows her to start technical college a semester early. 

I’m attending Fox Valley Technical College virtually to pursue a career in computer support, while also taking on a part-time job,” Nigbor said. 

Graduating early does have some drawbacks. Students are not allowed to participate in any winter or spring sport, any clubs, or any other extracurricular activities. They are, however, allowed to go to dances and school events. 

Besides another semester with classmates and teachers that I’ve grown close with, I’m not really giving up much. Some of us may meet again, anyway. There are a few workarounds for some school festivities like Trivia Night and Prom that I’ll probably take part in next semester for the final time,” Nigbor said.

The full list of seniors that chose to graduate early are: Mykal Shatzer, Bianca Thom, Lindsey Arndt, Jackson Krasavage, Conner Petit, Madelyn Nigbor, and Landon Redington.