Staff Editorial: Delta-8 causes more harm than good


Anna McCarthy

Delta-8 may be legal, but it is still harmful to consume.

Red 'n' Green Staff

Recently there has been a rising concern regarding the substance Delta-8, a chemical found in the Cannabis sativa plant that can cause a variety of negative effects to someone’s health. Not only does it restrict a student’s ability to learn, it is very unhealthy to consume.
It can be uncomfortable for those who want nothing to do with Delta-8 to watch people they care about use this substance. It can be harmful to both parties in a situation like that, both physically and mentally.
The school district has been trying to find a solution to get students to stop taking Delta-8 and have set punishments for having it at school in the first place. With it technically being legal, although restricted, this can be hard to manage.
Typically the main reason anyone uses Delta-8 is to relieve stress, but the negative effects outweigh that feeling. Delta-8 is a bad way to deal with stress, and there are much healthier options out there.