Student teacher joins Woyak


Student teacher Dylan Bills demonstrates an algebra problem for his class. Bills is currently student teaching for math teacher Andi Woyak in order to finish out his degree. “He is prepping all the classes as well as teaching them! He has done a great job so far – and has proved he is going to be a great math teacher!” Woyak said.

Anna McCarthy, Reporter

Student teaching is the last step that a college student takes before they are able to graduate and become a teacher. Currently, math teacher Andi Woyak has Dylan Bills in her classroom as a student teacher. 

“I am currently at Ripon College where I am graduating in May. I am a math major with a minor in education,” Bills said.

Within the classroom, Bills started off by observing Woyak and other teachers within the math department.

“After doing some observing, Mr. Bills slowly started taking on roles in my classroom: working in small groups with students, entering grades, grading tests, prepping lessons, aligning our lessons to standards, etc,” Woyak said. 

As Bills spends more time within the classroom, he will begin to take on more roles.

“I am currently slowly working my way toward taking over for her classroom. I mostly teach the Algebra 1B classes, but am beginning to teach for the Algebra 1 classes as well. As well as teaching these classes, I have been working on preparing each class, as well as grading,” Bills said. 

Outside of the classroom, Bills likes to spend time in Ripon with friends.

“I love to spend time with the friends I have on campus as well as spending most of my time with my puppy Jax and my girlfriend Kenzie,” Bills said. 

Bills says that his desire to watch students grow is what is inspiring him to become a teacher. 

“I have a strong passion for watching students grow. Although I was never officially a tutor throughout college or high school, I was always helping students, not necessarily always my friends, with their math homework whenever they got stuck. I am looking forward to this aspect of teaching the most out of anything else,” Bills said.