Bednarek starts podcast to interact with community


Senior Anna Schumacher and Principal Bryant Bednarek smile at the camera during a recent episode of “Mr. B and Me.”

Jackson Bartol, Reporter

A principal’s job is full of stressful things. Long meetings, important phone calls, making sure people come in the correct door and deciding what to wear in the morning are just a few on the long list of principal duties. However, Berlin High School Principal Bryant Bednarek has found a unique and interactive way for him to take a break from the everyday activities of a principal and get to know a student, staff member, or alumnus from the community.
“Mr. B & Me” is a podcast started by Bednarek, hence the name Mr. B & Me. The first episode was released on Feb. 7 featuring Class of 2023 Valedictorian Anna Schumacher.
“I thought it would be fun to interact with students, staff and community members on a more personal level. I also thought it would be a good way to connect people to the school and bring people together around the school and community,” Bednarek said.
Each episode is around 10 minutes long which provides the listener a quick listen. It starts out with a traditional Q&A session where the audience learns about the featured guest. It then concludes with a “rapid fire round” where the guest gets asked a series of this or that questions and must say the first thing that pops into their head.
“Our first episode had nearly 1,500 views, so it certainly brought traffic. I had several students, staff and community members reach out with positive feedback. As long as people watch, I hope to keep it going,” Bednarek said.
Only two episodes have been released so far with new episodes being released every couple weeks to keep listeners coming back for more. The latest episode was released on Feb. 16 and featured Berlin graduate and Northern Express Manager, Doris Holmes.
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