FFA week returns with Ag Olympics

Maddy Kresal, Business Manager

FFA planned a week of activities where staff and students participated in the dress-up days. FFA had decided to bring back the Ag Olympics to encourage students to get involved. FFA week ran from Feb. 21 through the 24.

The ultimate goal of bringing back the Ag Olympics was to get the school involved to celebrate FFA through fun activities while educating them about agriculture and FFA,” junior Layten Sobieski said.

Along with the Ag Olympics, FFA members posted different dress-up days for the week to add more spirit.

“We will be having dress up days which are Tractor Tuesday (wear your favorite tractor colors), Western Wednesday, Camo Thursday, and Blue & Gold Friday,” Adviser Melissa Remer said. “We will also have daily homeroom trivia, emblem scavenger hunt, and teacher scavenger hunt. There will be a staff breakfast that FFA members will prepare as a thank you to all staff. Then to wrap up the week, there will be an assembly on Friday where grade levels will compete against each other in our Ag Olympic events.”

The Ag Olympics was held in the gym on the last day of FFA week. Each grade competed in a series of activities to see what grade would receive the most points. 

We will be offering many activities in the Ag Olympics such as a relay race, where the grades will have to complete three events throughout the relay race. We will also be offering an egg toss, a milk chugging contest, musical bales and a watermelon crawl. To top it off, the winning grade who has the highest score from the Ag Olympics will decide which staff members will kiss the calf,” Sobieski said. 

At the end of the assembly, the winning grade was the seniors and they chose math teacher Shawn Erb to kiss the calf. Although FFA seems like it is just about farming, the members of FFA expand their knowledge to help out within the community by doing activities like Ag Olympics. 

I just want the public to know that FFA is open to everyone and just not to the farming community as some may think. FFA is the largest student-led organization nationally. FFA offers more than just agriculture, it offers life skills, leadership skills and so much more. FFA has built me as a person and will always be a big part of my heart . The skills, lessons and relationships that I gain from it will stick with me for the rest of my life. I am sure that many members and anyone involved in FFA can say the same thing,” Sobieski said.