Prom Dress Drive marks huge success


Carrie McCarthy

BHS senior Madalyn Winter, junior Alex Budde, senior Anna McCarthy and junior Katherine Femali volunteered to help organize the Prom Dress Drive. They found the drive to be a huge success. “Any money that we raise from selling dresses gets put right back into the dress drive: such as buying new dresses, hangers, etc,” Budde said.

Elyse Osterberg, Editor-in-Chief

The Prom Dress Drive is held to help students find an affordable prom dress. It took place on March 5 from 11-2 at the high school. The event was run by Senior Anna McCarthy with the help of students who volunteered. In total about 20 dresses were sold.
“I wanted to help out with the drive because it is a lot of fun to help girls find dresses and I feel that it is important for everyone to feel pretty on prom night without having to spend a lot of money on a dress,” junior Alex Budde said.
Almost all the dresses available at the Prom Dress Drive were donated by community members.
“It is always awesome to receive prom dresses for the drive because the past two years I’ve worked the drive there have been a lot of girls,” Budde said.
For the people who donated a dress, they were eligible to get a new dress in exchange.
“The prom shopper would come in and look through our supply to find some options to try. We would then show them to a fitting room. Once they find a dress they can pay $5 per dress or exchange it for a dress,” junior Katherine Femali said.
The money raised from the Prom Dress Drive went right back into the dress drive.
“All money from the dress drive goes into our fund to purchase new dresses and furniture to give the shopping experience more of a flare,” Femali said.
Overall the Prom Dress Drive was a success, as many students were able to find a prom dress fit for them.
“The event went very well. We had over 20 girls come and most of them found a dress,” Budde said.
Providing more affordable prom dresses allows for more students to get a prom dress that best fits them.
“The Prom Dress Drive is about finding and supplying students from the surrounding schools with an affordable dressing option,” Femali said.