Yearbook creates lasting memories


Anna McCarthy

Senior yearbook staff member Ann Schmitz choses photos to add to the yearbook.

Anna McCarthy, Reporter

Yearbooks are filled with photos and memories from the entire school year and will be used as something that students can look back on for years to come. Some may think that designing a yearbook is easy, but the yearbook club spends many hours creating it. 

“We start working on it in late September and our final deadline is in March,” senior yearbook staff member Ann Schmitz said. 

Each page of the yearbook is carefully crafted to be cohesive and show student life throughout the school year.

“Yearbook creates layouts and collages that make up a book full of memories for each school year,” senior yearbook staff member Autumn Young said.

The staff has to make sure that all of the sports and clubs have their spot in the yearbook, while being on a tight deadline.

“Most of the work is done in the last month before our deadline because we are scrambling to get pictures from the student body to fill the pages. Another challenge would be getting accurate rosters for the sport pages,” Young said. 

The yearbook staff has to make sure that every student is in the yearbook along with their correct name. 

“It is challenging to make the yearbook look cohesive because we have different people working on different pages so it can be challenging to make it look cohesive. It is also challenging to include everyone and fill all the pages with a variety of pictures,” Schmitz said. 

In order to finish the yearbook, the club has workdays where they are all able to collaborate and create the yearbook. Along with workdays, a large amount of time is also spent outside of school trying to make everything perfect.  

“Our most productive work times are when we have yearbook work days because we are able to work collaboratively for longer periods of time,” Schmitz said.

The club aims to frame memories from the school year so students will always have them.

“We provide students with a collection of their high school memories from the year. It is something they can look back on to remember high school,” Schmitz said.