Music Review: Joji carries emotion with new album


Lola Jecevicus, Reporter

A famous alternative singer, Joji also known as Pink Guy or Filthy Frank, released his first album since 2018. The album is called “Nectar.” 

Joji never fails to make listeners feel something, whether it is happiness or sadness. 

There are 18 tracks and each has its own vibe, ranging from despair to exuberance. From the moment play is pressed, listeners are taken to a whole new dimension.

The feeling while listening is a brand new one, sort of like all emotions combined into one. It is like feeling everything but nothing all at the same time. This emotion is a very comforting one. Sometimes being numb can be one of the right words to describe it, all emotions combined into one super emotion.

My personal favorite on this album as of right now is “Pretty Boy” featuring Lil Yachty. The song has a feel-good tone but when digging into the lyrics it is much deeper than that.

The chorus has the lyrics, “livin’ so loud, you could never hear me cry,” which sounds like he is trying to express how lavish he lives but implying the famous saying “money can’t buy happiness.” This theme tends to appear in most of Joji’s music.  

Not only does the music have a deeper meaning but so do the videos. On Apple music or Youtube, listeners can find the video of “Run.” It begins with Joji waking up in a limousine and running through it almost endlessly. People around him are trying to get him to stop, but he continues running. As he is running the chorus is “I know you’re not in love like you used to be. Guess I’m not the one, like you used to think. So you’ll just run. I know that I’m stuck in this misery.” 

He is running from his emotions and from the people pretending to care about him. Finally, he gets to the end of the limo and there is a wall and he breaks out running into the desert. The song ends, the screen goes black and then he wakes up in a room to an alarm telling him to “wake up,” over and over again. The video gives viewers a whole new perspective on the song and helps listeners have a deeper understanding of the lyrics.

Rating: 5/5