Virtual days great solution to snow days


Abby Milliron

A student works on their virtual day work.

Red 'n' Green Staff

This past winter was filled with snow and ice. Due to this, there were four snow day cancellations and three two-hour delays. These cancellations needed to be made up, and instead of adding more school days into the summer or taking away a day off, the school decided to hold a virtual day to make up the minutes. The Red ‘n’ Green commends the school for doing this as it allows students to still complete their school work, while also getting a day that they can still be at home. 

The school schedule comes out yearly and students usually plan for their days off. They make appointments, plan to do something with their friends, or pick up an extra shift at work. When snow days need to be made up in person, these plans suddenly need to be changed. This can be a struggle, especially if a student has to reschedule a doctor’s appointment, usually made months in advance. Virtual days allow students to still be able to do the activities that they originally planned, while also doing their school work. Since students are not bound to a classroom for the full day, they are able to complete their work when it best suits their schedule.

Making up snow days in the summer is also not ideal. Students are ready to enjoy the sunshine and break from school, but instead, they are forced to come into school for a few extra days, just to make up for a day of class where it snowed. By that point, most students have checked out of school and simply want to be done. Having a virtual day during the school year allows students to do work while they’re still invested in school and students are therefore able to put forth a better effort.
To conclude, virtual days are a great way to make up for missed days of school. Students are able to learn while also completing the activities that they had previously planned. They are also able to still put forth good effort since it is not almost summer. The Red ‘n’ Green commends the school for hosting virtual days to make for snow days.