Juniors win Pi Day contest


Juniors made pies that consisted of s’mores pie, salted caramel pumpkin pie, and a strawberry cream pie. It took them two days according to junior Jacob Nyback. “We all worked together to make the pies,” junior Macy Rilling said.

Abby Milliron, Reporter

Juniors are the winner of this year’s Pi Day contest There is more to this day than just pie. Pi Day is on March 14 and it is to represent the discovery of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, known as pi. Pi was found in 1706 by a man named Leonhard Euler but was introduced pi by William Jones with the approximate value of 3.14. The Greek letter π is used to represent PI, according to exploratorium website.
Math teacher Shawn Erb spends time in her classes teaching about pi. Erb says that it is easy for her to talk about Pi in her classes. This year her calculus class of juniors and seniors made pies with the PI symbol on them.
“While we wait for the judges the calculus class works on pi equations or I talk about the history of it,” Erb said.
The students focused on the pie contest, waiting for the judges’ responses. In order to be a judge teachers get an invitation from Erb’s students, and then get sent an application out to fill out to be a judge.
Spanish teacher and judge Jody Zeimann chose to judge because she has had most of the students in at least one of her classes. She said that she liked the variety of pies and her least favorite pie was the pumpkin because she does not really care for pumpkin.
“My favorite pie was chocolate,” Zeimann said.
The juniors all worked together to make the pies.