‘6 Guys in One Room’ wins annual All Night Trivia competition


Congratulation to “6 guys in one room” on winning the 2023 All Night Trivia contest

Jackson Bartol, Reporter

The All Night Trivia event started running March 31 at 8 p.m. and concluded on April 1 at 8 a.m. During this time, teams answered questions that get sent out every three to four minutes with a couple scheduled breaks throughout. Science teacher Ben Sanderfoot runs this event after former history teacher Gary Knoke who retired in 2018.
“I really enjoy this event and know the participants from years ago talk about it as one of their better high school memories. We put a lot of work into planning this event and want it to continue,” Sanderfoot said.

The winning team this year was “Six Guys in One Room.” This team consisted of seniors Mason Smoody, Andy Ryckman, Mike Santori, Nick Tolentino, Joey Thrasher and Taylor Fogo. The team got a score of 1,400 out of 1,960 possible points on 154 different questions. Working together is a big part of this event. For Ryckman, he says the team bond is his favorite part of this event.

“My favorite part is spending time with the guys and arguing about what the wrong answer is. Many groups play board games or card games or you can bring TVs to play video games as long as you don’t use the internet,” Ryckman said.

Many people participate in this event more for the camaraderie with friends rather than to show off their trivia knowledge.
“I would say my favorite part of the event is being able to hangout with friends. You can bring whatever you would like in, like gaming systems or food and drinks for your groups,” Tolentino said.