Boys baseball season nears end


Freshman Royce Lichtenberg stands ready at the base on Saturday, May 13 against Winnebago Lutheran Academy.

Abby Milliron, Reporter

Boys baseball team has a win-loss record of 2-15. Head Coach Mike Webb says he thinks the team can score more runs by hitting the ball with the team in scoring position. Tuesday, May 16, they played against Plymouth and lost 18-6.
“The team has improved in all phases of the game, offense, defense and hitting,” Webb said.
For freshman Royce Litchenberg his improvement has been proved through his pitching.
“I think I improved a lot just by the mental aspect, by staying in the game, always being ready for my name to be called, especially when pitching. I think I also improved with throwing off speed pitches and getting my control down,” Litchenberg said.
Sophomore Max Sonnentag has spent extra time practicing with the coach on his swing and staying balanced when batting.
“The coach got us more in a group, they make practice fun and it’s not just always practice. It just makes it more entertaining and makes it more interesting,” Sonnentag said.
The team will play regionals on tomorrow, against Xavier High School at Dawn Hawkins field.