Staff honored during Teacher Appreciation Week


Jackson Bartol

Student Council members Jena Tunistra, Aleea Lichtenberg, Ariana McCormick, and Alex Budde prepare food to be delivered to the teachers. This was one of many things done for the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. “The teachers at our school have always been willing to help outside of the classroom as needed. They have also been able to connect on a more personal level with me to create a better learning environment for me,” sophomore Aleea Lichtenberg said.

Jackson Bartol, Reporter

Every year in May, schools around the country dedicate a week to show their appreciation towards the staff in their district. This year the week of May 8 – 12 was staff appreciation week. Student Council adviser Ann Ragus, Principal Bryant Bednarek and the Student Council work together to show their thanks to the teachers. Ragus has been in charge of planning these activities since she took over as the Student Council adviser. 

“Staff appreciation week is a week-long event to show the staff at BHS that we appreciate everything they do every day for the students. Staff appreciation week has been around for a long time…I have been celebrating the week for 25 years,” Ragus said.

The teachers are honored in numerous ways throughout this week. Food, music trivia and treats in their mailboxes are some of the ways the school shows their appreciation. For history teacher Matthew Marquis, the food is a good thank you for him. 

“My favorite part would be the food provided by different groups and Mr. Bednarek. I think it is important to honor teachers because of the lasting impact they have on students. Students may realize it at the time and in some may not until somewhere in the future that we have helped them and inspired them in some way,” Marquis said. 

Students also know the importance of a good teacher. On Thursday, May 11 Student Council hosted teacher room service. Teachers could call and order food to be delivered to them during their prep hour. Sophomore Aleea Lichtenberg helped with the prep of the food. 

“Our teachers work so hard inside and outside the classroom to ensure that we are getting the best. They work to get to know us and personalize their teaching to fit our needs. Thank you for coming in each day not only to just teach, but for caring about each of your students’ lives and characters,” Lichtenberg said.