Kind Committee celebrates third annual Kindness Day


Amy Wenig

Kind Committee goes to Shepard’s on Kindness Day to get ice cream and to spread kindness to the Shepard’s staff.

Arianna McCormick, Reporter

The Kind Committee celebrated Kindness Day on May 16 by delivering baskets to small businesses and writing nice messages in chalk on the pavement.
“The BHS Kind Committee, along with Thrivent Financial, spent the day spreading kindness by recognizing non-profit organizations in our community with a luncheon. We also left positive chalk messages and windshield messages written by All Saints fourth graders and BMS eighth graders, and delivered gift baskets to area businesses,” co-adviser Amy Wenig said.
This year marks the third annual celebration of Kindness Day from the Kind Committee. It also marks the first year of membership for some members that helped make Kindness Day possible.
“I thought it would be a way to be involved with the school, and it’s one of the clubs that I thought I would like,” freshman Alivia Kasobuski said.
Everyone on the Kind Committee worked to make Kindness Day possible, which included putting together baskets and writing kind messages on the pavement.
“I helped out with all of it, I made some baskets and helped hand them out and helped out with writing messages in chalk,” freshman Ella Pulvermacher said.
Kindness Day allowed the Kind Committee to work to achieve some of their goals, which includes spreading kindness and making people smile.
“Our world can be a tough place sometimes. A little kindness goes a long way in making people feel good about themselves and the people around them. Our hope is that people will take any kindness that is shown to them and pass it on,” Wenig said.
In the past,the Kind Committee has done similar things to celebrate Kindness Day and bring a nice surprise to businesses and citizens around Berlin.
“We have delivered gifts to people who were recognized as Kind citizens of Berlin. We also visited residents of Patriot Place and delivered supplies to the Community Daycare and area schools. We have paid for random people’s food and gas,” Wenig said.
Random acts of kindness like this serve to help make the world a better and brighter place, and days like Kindness Day offer an opportunity to do random acts of kindness like this.