Students take first AP test


Chloe Dutcher

Berlin High School offered three AP tests in physics, psychology, and music theory.

Chloe Dutcher, Reporter

For the first time ever, college level exams were taken at the end of the AP Physics, AP Psychology and AP Music Theory classes. These tests determine if students will receive the college credit for these classes.

 “AP Psych has two parts: a multiple choice test and a written test. The AP score is a combination of both parts. Based on how students score they are given a 1 through 5 score. A student must get a 3 or higher to receive college credit,” AP Psychology teacher Jennifer Leahy said.

Preparing for these tests is essential for performing well.

“I suggested that students use the concept practices provided by the textbook and to use the practice material in the AP classroom,” Leahy said.

Leahy said that the class needs to cover more factual content instead of going in depth with a few concepts. While in AP Physics, science teacher Paul Bell says they have to apply many concepts on this test.

The multiple-choice portion of the test is the least challenging if one knows the concepts and content. It is the free-response questions that can be more of a challenge. It includes any number of concepts alongside experimental design and data analysis,” Bell said.

 Unlike other courses, AP classes curriculum is focused on teaching the content of the test. AP classes are not designed by the teachers teaching the class, so teachers do not have the freedom to teach the topics they chose.

“It requires more routine physics learning from a mathematical standpoint versus a conceptual one. I prefer the conceptual approach to teaching physics, but it will only make me a stronger teacher by approaching it from both angles,” Bell said.

Bell also said he directed students to the practice material in the AP classroom, a resource AP students can use to study for the exam.

I’m confident that students will do well on many of the content questions,” Bell said.