Get your engines started

Students work on dream cars


Cj Lundt

Cj Lundts 1984 Chevy K30 Truck

Helena Buttke, Reporter

For many students, free time is spent in either athletics or clubs, but for some students, their free time is spent working on cars.

Senior CJ Lundt was introduced to cars by his dad at a young age and has been interested ever since. Working with engines is one of Lundt’s favorite parts about cars.

“What sticks out the most about them is that they can be incredibly simple or really complex, but they both still get you around,” Lundt said.

Lundt drives a 1984 Chevy K30 truck with a square body which is his dream car, but is a fixer-upper.

“My dream vehicle would actually be the truck I drive now, I just want to get all of the body work done and make it look really nice,” Lundt said.

Like Lundt, junior Diego Sparkman has had an interest in cars from a young age. Sparkman not only has an interest in cars, but motorcycles and bikes as well. 

“I watched my dad work in the garage and ever since, I have been involved in the car scene,” Sparkman said. “Ever since I could walk I have been super interested in cars and how they work.”

Sparkman says he enjoys working on repairs that require welding and fixing major damage due to large accidents. An essential feature of cars for Sparkman is that they need to be built and not bought. 

“The thing that sticks out the most to me about cars is how they each have their own unique style and differing traits from others,” Sparkman said.

For junior Colton Darnick, having good gas mileage is the most important attribute for cars, and the type of car does not matter, as anything is driveable. Darnick plans on going to college to master in mechanical engineering. Along with Lundt and Sparkman, Darnick was fascinated by cars from a young age.

“I became interested in cars when I was little and I always wanted to have a fast car when I am older. Also, when I was driving a truck that was not getting gas mileage, I wanted something that would have a little better gas mileage so I had to get a car for that,” Darnick said.