Key Club gives back to the community

Key Club adviser Tara Chesebro and Key Club President Lindsay Mularski organize Candy Cane Grams for delivery. The club bought the candy canes from Clay Lamberton to support the elementary school’s fundraiser.

Skylar Longsine, Reporter

On a hot and humid summer day, Key Club members wash the dirt and grime off of the community’s cars. This was all done for a local food pantry. 

As summer ends, Key Club starts working on events and fundraising ideas for the school year.

Key Club meets every Monday during CIA in classroom A-222. It is for people that love being productive within their community and can demonstrate strong leadership skills.

President of Key Club senior Lindsay Mularski explains the possible positive impact of joining Key Club.

“I think joining Key Club makes a very positive impact because you can make a lot of friends, and also because you get a good feeling when you volunteer,” Mularski said.

Mularski emphasizes how Key Club is important to the community.

“I think Key Club is important because we are trying to give back to the community. We create an environment of friendship and a feeling of being welcomed.”

Mularski says she sees Key Club as a chance to enhance her leadership skills. 

“I am a pretty natural leader and I’ve loved Key Club ever since freshman year, so I figured why not take on a leadership role if I am up for it,” Mularski said.

Sophomore Brenna Mosier is a member of Key Club, and has done community service for it.  

“Last year before this shut down we made dog beds for the shelter. I really enjoyed being part of this because I love animals,” Mosier said. 

Mosier chose to join the club for a specific reason. 

“I like how it is so community-based,” Mosier said. 

Key Club not only made dog beds, they have done much more.

“We do volunteer time. We did a car wash this summer because the food pantry was broken into and 75% of proceeds went to them. We wrote a check for over $500 to the food pantry. Then the 25% just went for us for expenses,” Adviser Tara Chesebro said. “But, we try to volunteer as much as we can with other things. For example, there was a Trunk-or-Treat at the Boys & Girls Club, where we volunteered to handle bags for kids.” 

The Key Club board thinks of other ways to get their fundraising done despite the restrictions of COVID-19, such as keeping with the season and delivering Halloween grams.

“We did Halloween grams. We had full-sized candy bar Halloween grams that you wrote a note to someone and we delivered them that Friday before Halloween in the school. We had two of them, we had a full-size candy bar one and then we had a Hershey Kisses one that says ‘bugs and kisses’,” Chesebro said.

As the holidays approach Key Club has began showing their holiday spirit through candy grams. Candy grams give the ability for students to spread love to their friends at school, and for Key Club to led a hand to a nearby school.

“The candy cane grams are used a fundraiser for our Key Club. This year though we are asking the kids at Clay Lamberton Elementary if we could buy our candy canes from them instead of going to Walmart so the money goes to a good cause. We would get the candy canes from them because they do a candy cane for kindness there. Our last orders are Dec. 17, and delivered on the 18 of Dec,” Chesebro said.