Top 3 binge-worthy TV shows

Camdyn Rohde , Reporter

  1. “This Is Us”

  2. “One Tree Hill”

  3. “Grey’s Anatomy”


“This Is Us” centers around the Pearson family and those in their lives, flashing from their childhoods to their adulthoods multiple times throughout each episode. This show will constantly keep viewers pulled in and make them yearn for the next episode. Even in the fourth season, the latest available season, things are continuously being revealed about the Pearson family and their history. This show conveys so many emotions in every episode and allows watchers to connect with the characters on vastly deeper levels. Overall, this show earns a 5/5 star binge-worthy rating and is available to stream on the NBC app for free or on Hulu. Season 5 premiered Oct. 27 on NBC at 8 p.m. central standard time and is rated TV-14.


“One Tree Hill” is a show from the early 2000s set in Tree Hill, North Carolina. The show is based on the rivalry between two half-brothers and the drama that evolves in their lives when they begin to compete for a spot on the high school basketball team. There is new drama full of conflict at every turn, making it easy to fall in love with the show quickly. Furthermore, the growth that is shown within every character is well-worth the 9 seasons (which are available on Hulu). “One Tree Hill” easily earns a 5/5 star for its many binge-worthy qualities and is rated TV-14.  


“Grey’s Anatomy” is a medical drama that revolves around the life of resident Meredith Grey. It explores the friendships and relationships between the doctors who work at Seattle Grace Hospital, and the new emergencies that occur daily. Someone who enjoys watching a show with lots of drama and events that keep them on their toes would really enjoy this show. “Grey’s Anatomy” is rated TV-14, currently has 16 seasons available on Hulu and Netflix and the 17th season premieres on Nov. 12 on ABC. “Grey’s Anatomy” earns a 5/5 stars for its binge-worthiness and it’s a show well worth the many seasons.