Review: Manicures done at Oshkosh Nail Salon average


Kaylee Olson

Manicures done at Oshkosh Nail Salon leaves nails looking put together. The nail salon offered a wide variety of colors that appealed to salon goers.

Kaylee Olson, Reporter

Oshkosh Nail Salon provides good quality services. The nail technicians are happy to help customers and are excited to work on the nails. 

When arriving at Oshkosh Nail Salon customers are greeted very kindly. The nail technicians are happy and excited to see new faces at the salon. 

Once seated customers receive an abundance of color choices. This is very stressful because there are so many colors and people often feel rushed into making a decision. Even coming in knowing that you want a certain color, it can still be overwhelming due to the number of shades of each color.

When choosing the colors, a blue and a blue sparkle, it took sorting through almost all of the colors before finding a match. The whole time the nail technician was staring. Then after picking the sparkle and the solid shade of blue she said that they would not match and they would look bad together. She then tried to suggest other colors and other shades of blue that she thought would look good, but they were not what I originally wanted. I ended up choosing the colors I had picked out in the beginning because I thought they would look the best together. 

After finally deciding on the colors, the nail technician started. She was very delicate and cautious on what she was doing. When she was done they looked good, and the colors matched perfectly together. The nails were perfectly shaped, but there were a couple of small bubbles only noticeable with very close inspection. The cuticles were pushed back and the line looked nice and smooth. Three of the nails were a bright sky blue, then the other two were a darker blue sparkle color. 

A couple of days later during volleyball practice a nail cracked. I went back to the salon to get it fixed and they were super nice about it and fixed it at no charge.

The price of the dip powder manicure was $35 if paying in cash, but with a card it is $36.40. Compared to other nail salons in the area, it is the median price, with Family Nails being the lowest at $33 and Diamond Nails being the most expensive at $45.

Inside the salon, everyone is required to wear a mask. There are also plexiglass dividers between the nail technician and the customer. One negative is that when grinding the nails down to make them shorter, dust particles fly and it appears that they get stuck between the divider and the desk. It was very gross and made everything look very dirty. It did not seem like they clean the work station between customers because of all the dirt and nail pieces. 

To make appointments everything is done over the phone. Which was fairly easy, but would be much more efficient if they had a way to book online. 

I went to make an appointment one afternoon, but when I tried to call they were already closed. Then, I had to wait until the next morning when they opened to call and book. If they had a website where customers could easily book appointments online, it would solve many of these issues.

This salon is a good place to go if customers want very colorful nails. Due to the wide variety of colors the salon offers, this is a very good salon for that. If customers are looking for a more clean place, this would not be the place for them. I would go back to Oshkosh Nail Salon if they clean up the work stations. 

Rating 3.5/5