What are you listening to, band director Ben Ruetten?


Joey Femali

Band director Ben Ruetten has been an avid fan of Snarky Puppy and has enjoyed listening to their music.

Joey Femali, Editor-In-Chief

Everyone listens to music. May they be a metal head that listens to rock music or someone that enjoys country or acoustic music, everyone listens to it as part of their day. The Red ‘n’ Green decided to take a deeper dive to see what people are listening to, and who better than our own band director Ben Ruetten!


Q: What is your favorite song right now?

A: “Tarova” by Snarky Puppy. It’s a song that I’ve been obsessing over and I’ve listened to a bit of different versions. It’s like a jazz funk song. 


Q: Where did you discover it?

A: I’ve been a Snarky Puppy fan forever. I’m looking at it for a possible song to do with the jazz band here. 


Q: What type of genre is it?

A: It’s jazzish. I would say it’s more it’s own category, more contemporary instrumental. 


Q:What is your favorite part of it?

A: It has some world music elements to it. As intricate as it is, it still has very deep roots in grove. 


Q: What does the song mean to you?

A: It’s the lead track on an album that came out four years ago. It really kick started the album, and to me it was a really good way to start the project. It’s a really catchy tune to listen to and for me it’s a song that can cause a physical response. As soon as a song creates a physical response and a type of power, it is powerful. 


Q: When’s your favorite time to listen to it?

A: I listen to it in the car, or if I’m trying to figure out how to teach it, I like to sit down and just put it on a loop.