Talk of the terrain park

Students work on improving skills


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Krasavage completed a board slide at the terrain park at Nordic Mountain. At the park, snowboarders work on improving their skills and learning new things. “When I snowboard with people that are better than me it makes me want to do more things,” Schultz said.

Nya Osterberg, Reporter

Before snow started to fall, snowboarders and skiers were already anxious to hit the slopes at Nordic Mountain. Sophomores Brooks Schultz and Jackson Krasavage have been snowboarding for over four years and enjoy spending time at the terrain park.

“At the terrain park I do different things like board slides and 360s off jumps,” Krasavage said.

Schultz has such a passion for snowboarding that even while working at Nordic Mountain he finds himself at the terrain park. Outside of work, he is free to snowboard wherever he wants. 

“If I am working I stay in the terrain park, but if I am just there with my friends we ride wherever,” Schultz said.

They each have their own equipment, making their boards and boots more personal to them. It also allows them to get right on the slopes rather than having to go through the renting process. 

“I own all my own equipment. I have a brand new Signal snowboard, Union bindings, DC boots and my helmet,” Krasavage said.

These boys can be found at Nordic at least twice a week where they work on learning new tricks and practicing old skills. Both of the boys share a similar favorite memory. 

“My favorite memory is when I first got a 360 off the biggest jump. I felt really accomplished after finally getting it and it was nice to have my friends around to support me,” Krasavage said.

Unlike these boys, sophomore Jersey Reck has just started going to the terrain park. She has been snowboarding since fifth grade and wanted to expand her skills.

“I wanted to go to the terrain park because I knew people there would help me get better,” Reck said.

Krasavage learned most of his skills from his older brother, who has been snowboarding for much longer. He is now sharing those tips and strategies with his friends who are trying to get better.

“Jackson Krasavage has been helping me learn how to do jumps and box jumps,” Reck said.

All three boarders share a common joy for snowboarding because it allows them to spend more time with their friends.

“Snowboarding with people is a lot of fun rather than me just going by myself. I enjoy spending time with my friends and trying new things,” Krasavage said.

Each time at the terrain park these boarders work on advancing their skills and having a good time with their friends.

“My favorite part about snowboarding is being with my friends and being able to have fun. In the future I would like to be able to do a grab,” Reck said.