Citizens discuss experience with equality

Gavin Batley, Reporter

Racial equality has been a pressing issue throughout history, even today in the modern world. Although throughout history people have faced discrimination, there have been many steps taken to combat inequality and many changes have come about due to society pushing for a need to do so. Head Volleyball Coach Eydie Reiser is one of the few black people living in the Berlin community, and has a background of growing up in Chicago and going to a predominantly white school in the suburbs. She hopes to someday see a world of equality and believes she has the first step in doing so.
“One of the first steps there has to be reconciliation somehow on both sides. There needs to be this acknowledgement of wrong, whether seen or unseen that yes, there have been wrongs but there needs to be forgiveness on both sides as well. When it comes down to it we are all humans,” Reiser said.
Reiser’s daughter says the world has made much progress moving toward equality but people still have yet to reach the ideal idea of equality. Diversity is what makes humans so special and people must fight not only to preserve racial diversity but also cultural diversity.
“I do think our world is getting closer to having equality. I don’t know if we are ever truly going to have total equality just because we are human. We are going in the right direction just by speaking out and showing the diversity and being proud of it,” junior Gabi Reiser said.
Cultural diversity should not be overlooked and an effort has to be made to preserve and maintain it which, is one of the many reasons Gabi Reiser started the Mosaic Club.
“A change I would like to see in this society is the acceptance of different cultures. It is so hard for me to watch cultures be erased because people have written them off as a “dead” culture,” Gabi said.
Racial and cultural equality go hand in hand, which is why Gabi created the Mosaic Club, she says she hopes to accomplish many things with the creation of the club.
“I think that the Mosaic Club will not only help spread awareness of the African American culture, but help spread awareness of many other cultures that are going unseen in our community,” Gabi said.