Women defy norms

Lola Jecevicus, Reporters

Since the beginning of time women have faced discrimination and even do still to this day. People telling their peers that you throw like a girl, girls can’t do this, can’t wear that, stop being such a girl. Although there may never be an end to discrimination, women have come far and now have the chance to do anything they may desire. 

One activity that overall is looked at as a ¨men’s sport¨ is football. Freshman Alivia Davey defied this norm by joining the Indians this year. 

¨I chose to start playing football because I have wanted to play since I was in middle school. I never got the chance to so I decided I was going to play in high school since it was the last four years of school,¨ Davey said. 

Being a girl while playing football with a bunch of high school boys sometimes can be a challenge. Davey does not let that get in the way of playing.

¨It is kind of hard competing with the guys, I feel like they kind of go easy on me, so I kind of got to show them that I can push back,” Davey said. 

Senior Haleh Fredenburg has been in a similar situation to Davey but this time in soccer cleats. During the summers Fredenburg and some of her close friends round up whoever they can to play soccer at the BHS fields. This means most of the time the fields were co-ed. 

¨Playing with the boys wasn’t much different besides it being more aggressive. They treat you like one of the boys,” Fredenburg said. 

Fredenburg says she prefers playing with boys over playing with girls during the soccer season. 

“I like playing with the boys more because I am way more aggressive. I pick on them because they can take it,” Fredenburg said. 

In a different context, girls who work a job most people would consider a man’s job can face some ups and downs as well. 

Junior Ella Resop worked for Longsine Construction as part of the cleaning crew over the summer.

¨The guys only treated me differently because I am small and I am a girl. They would also make fun of my muscle power,¨ Resop said. 

Working that sort of job as a young girl may seem scary, but Resop was excited to be a part of the team. 

¨I chose to work this job because I like to challenge myself and I liked having a job that was fun and that you could actually get a workout out of,¨ Resop said.