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“I don’t know if I can pick a favorite piece. My top three are definitely ‘Snooze,’ ‘Grand Lunar Hall ‘and ‘A Man Out of His Time.’ I put a ton of work into ‘Grand Lunar Hall’ and ‘A Man Out of His Time’ and absolutely love how they turned out. ‘Snooze’ was my first scratchboard project and I had a lot of fun doing it. ‘Grand Lunar Hall’ and ‘Snooze’ are straight from my imagination, so I’m especially proud of those two,” junior Regina Schimke said.

Lucy Smith

The ability to draw and paint is something that is a natural gift that should be recognized. The Red ‘n’ Green will be taking a closer look at junior Regina Schimke’s artwork, successes, and techniques.


“‘A Man Out of His Time” by far took the longest. I did it my freshman year, so I don’t remember exactly how long it took me, but I know I drew every night until about 11p.m. the last week before it was due. We usually have several weeks to complete our projects. The reason this one took so long is because of how big it is and how much detail there is. It measures about 16×20 inches and is by far the biggest drawing I’ve ever completed. All the textures of the different types of fabric also had to do with how long it took because they’re so detailed,” Schimke said.  (Photo Submitted)


“‘My Mind At Rest’ is actually a self portrait. We were given the prompt, ‘everyday actions,’ in class and were told to take pictures of ourselves doing ordinary things.  I read a lot, so this piece has a lot of meaning to me,” Schimke said. 
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“I have entered several of my artworks in art shows and competitions including the Glenn Grothman Congressional Art Competition (“My Mind At Rest”), the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition (“Grand Lunar Hall”), and the Wisconsin State Art Show (“A Man Out of His Time” and  “Snooze”).  “A Man Out of His Time” was displayed at the Green Bay museum and “My Mind At Rest” and “Dream” were displayed at the Berlin Public Library last year.  Unfortunately, I’ve never won any awards, but I have hopes for this coming year,” Schimke said. 
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