Wagner becomes his own boss


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Senior Logan Wagner stands next to his set up for his hauling business, Wagner Hauling. Wagner started his hauling business in August of 2020. He hauls anywhere and will haul any needs of a customer.

Lucy Smith

Driving down the road and seeing a tow strap flying around in the wind can definitely make a hauler nervous, especially in a time crunch. This has happened to senior and entrepreneur Logan Wagner.

In August of 2020, Wagner came up with the idea to create his own business. Wagner enjoys hauling and loves to drive his truck so he came up with something that included the both of those.

 He created Wagner Hauling, a hauling company that will haul anything and everything. When starting this, Wagner gained a lot of his support from his dad, Cory Wagner. 

“My dad was a big help to me when it came to starting my hauling business. He helped with getting my name out and helping figure out how much I needed to charge for certain things. Also, he is letting me use his trailer until I can get my own,” Wagner said. 

Wagner’s set up consists of his 2001 Ford F-250 7.3 Powerstroke with a heavy duty helper springs in the rear with a 7-ton Load Warrior gooseneck trailer that has a 21-foot deck and a 4-foot dove tail along with a 12,000 pound winch. 

Wagner also gets a lot of support from friends and especially his girlfriend, junior Genna Stemler, by always being there for him when he needs it the most. 

“I really encouraged Logan to start his hauling business because I knew he would be happy doing it, and I told him I would support him every step of the way,” Stemler said. 

Most days, Wagner does not haul alone. Many of his friends will join him for company and to help out.

“I help Logan strap the hauls, and I go along for support. I always enjoy the laughs and memories we make together every time I help him,” senior Alex Neubauer said. 

Even though Wagner enjoys hauling, there can be times where it can get tough. A daily trip can be very stressful and hard. 

“A day of hauling varies a lot depending on what you’re hauling and how far you have to go with it,” Wagner said. “It can be a long day when hauling, and it gets stressful at times because you have to have stuff delivered or picked up at a certain time and many things can set you back. I need to be prepared each day I haul so I don’t face these setbacks and make a customer unhappy.” 

Wagner Hauling is always striving to get more business and will continue to haul throughout the year. His goal is to haul for more people and get more name recognition. 

“I figure if I just keep pushing and advertising and making sure my setup looks professional, I can go a long way. Word of mouth is the best advertisement because I do work for one guy and if he is happy with my labor, he will spread word to his friends and so on,” Wagner said.  

Senior Logan Wagner prepares to haul hay for a customer.