Students compete in summer club sports


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Freshman Jenna Nigbor pitches for Extreme Club Softball.

Elyse Osterberg , Reporter

As school athletics come to an end for the year, club sports are just beginning. Sophomore Anna Kurczek plays for the Wisconsin Xtreme Girls Basketball team in Fond du Lac/Kewaskum and practices three times a week. Kurczek started the season mid April and goes till the beginning of August.

“I love to play sports and it helps me get better for the school season,” Kurczek said.

During the off season athletes like Kurczek keep themselves busy in order to be in the best shape when the season comes around again.

Freshman Jenna Nigbor participates in Extreme Club Softball during her off season. Practices take place in Oshkosh while the games take place in different cities throughout Wisconsin.

“I have fun playing softball and want to get better,” Nigbor said.

It is common to find athletes practicing and getting better during their free time. Although it may seem easy, getting on the team is difficult itself.

“In order to make the team you have to go to tryouts and the coaches decide who gets to be on the team,” Kurczek said.

Tryouts give the coaches the ability to see the players in action which helps them envision what the team is going to look like. For athletes like Kurczek and Nigbor, they had to work hard in order to earn a spot on the team.

“While it is fun to do club sports, it also takes lots of time and commitment,” Nigbor said.

Along with the usual stress of club sports, this year there was more stress due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“This year was different because there were more restrictions like we have to wear masks during practice and games,” Kurczek said.

Not only do club sports help athletes stay in shape, it also gives them a chance to form new friendships with their fellow teammates.

“I also enjoy meeting new people and it gives me something to look forward to,” Kurczek said.

Along with Kurczek, Nigbor also feels the same way.

“What I enjoy most is spending my weekends at softball tournaments with my friends,” Nigbor said.