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Seniors Samantha Henriksen and Molly Stadler go fishing up north during a trip they took last summer. “The main reason our friendship has lasted so long is because we never get into fights. We’ve had a few arguments, but those are minor because we always work it out,” Henriksen said.

Dynamic Duo: Best Friend Edition

In high school, students meet many new people and develop new friendships. They are the best friend duo in the school that everyone knows about. It could be possible that they will be friends for life. The Red ‘n’ Green will be taking a close look at these friendships. 

Friends since the sixth grade, seniors Samantha Henriksen and Molly Stadler have maintained a fun and inseparable friendship ever since. 

We became friends in sixth grade at lunch. We had separate lunches (A or B) so we didn’t always get out with our friends. Sam didn’t have any of her usual friends so my friend Ava and I invited her to sit with us at lunch,” Stadler said. 

Since then, Henriksen and Stadler have found a lot of common interests.

Seniors Samantha Henriksen and Molly Stadler go kayaking on a trip they took last summer.
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“When we’re together there’s a lot of things we do. Sometimes we go for long walks, paint, do some kind of craft, or watch movies. If we’re in Oshkosh we will walk around Target for probably an hour just looking at everything, and we really like to swim,” Henriksen said. 

At some point in time, all friendships have bumps in the road. Henriksen and Stadler are able to work together and have a stable friendship. 

“We don’t disagree on things very often, but when we do we usually just let each other have our own opinions on the matter and go about our day like it never happened. If it is not a big deal there is no need to ruin the day or our friendship over a disagreement,” Stadler said. 

Stadler chose to graduate early. This created a bump in the road of their friendship.

“Me graduating early definitely affected our friendship in a small way. When I was still in school we had almost all the same classes so we would see each other all day at school, then hangout after school a couple days a week as well,” Stadler said. “Now, we see each other twice, maybe once a week. But, it didn’t affect the way we act when we are together and we still talk every day.”

Luckily, Henriksen was able to adjust to school without her.  

“At first I had to adjust to not having her at school with me anymore. It was definitely a little lonely at first, but then I was fine,” Henriksen said. 

Henriksen and Stadler have shared many memories together and they shared some that they will never forget.

“Sam and I went Black Friday shopping in Oshkosh. We were at the outlet mall, and when Sam went to park, she hit the bumper of the car next to us. The panic and struggle that came shortly after she parked was intense,” Stadler said. “We didn’t know what to do obviously, being new drivers and all. But we got it all figured out and the driver of the other car was really understanding and didn’t make a fuss about it.” 

Seniors Samantha Henriksen and Molly Stadler on a hunting trip they took last year.
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Henriksen and Stadler look forward to continuing their friendship after high school.

We hope to continue to be friends, even if we aren’t able to always talk or be together. I think that the expression soul sister is perfect for describing our friendship,” Stadler said.