Day in the life of school counselors


Skylar Longsine, Reporter

School counselors are the jack of all trades. This includes creating schedules, running meetings, and much more. They work very hard to keep the school days running smoothly, and they do it with smiles on their faces.

In the beginning of the school year the counselors find themselves at their hardest point of the year.

“I would say new students this year, especially the new schedule changing schedules making sure everybody’s getting where they need to be is the hardest time,” guidance counselor Ann Ragus said.

Having a variety of different tasks to complete gives the counselors the opportunity to experience new events every day.

“What I love about my job is that no day is the same. It is never predictable. I am almost always busy,” Ragus said.

Senior Penelope Bongert says the counselors optimism and wisdom benefits the school.

“They are very helpful with mental health for students. They have helped me personally deal with mental health and are really good people,” Bongert said.

As for guidance counselor Matt Willett, he says the time restraints that come with returning to school is his most difficult obstacle to overcome.

“The bells are the hardest part of going from summer to school because it only gives us so much time to talk. In the summer we can talk whenever and there isn’t so much time restriction,” Willett said.

Another difficulty Willett and Ragus have is making sure the staff does not have an overwhelming schedule. For Willett this is the most stressful part of his job.

“Making sure schedules are correct without overloading the teachers in the beginning is the most stressful thing that we deal with,” Willett said.

Even with all of these responsibilities, Willett keeps a positive outlook on his stress. He chooses to see all of his responsibilities as motivation.

“Kids are my number one motivator. I am here to work with the kids. I am a helper by nature, and knowing that I come in every day and get the chance to potentially help somebody is my motivation,” Willett said.