Day in the life of Dr. Cartwright

December 8, 2021


With a fresh brewed coffee and a full schedule, Superintendent Carl Cartwright starts his day. Every day for Cartwright is different. Whether he starts his day in his office or working with members of the district, some things stay the same day to day.
“One of the things that I do is check in with our leaders. This allows me the opportunity to know if everything is going well. When things may not be going well, it allows me the opportunity to find out how I, and our other employees, can support that leader with whatever they are dealing with at the time,” Cartwright said.
Cartwright also checks in with business and operations and responds to emails regarding issues within the district.
There are also hard parts of Cartwright’s day and one issue is not just common in BHS but all throughout the country.
“One of the biggest challenges in education is the declining number of people who are becoming teachers. In addition, there is a lack of people who can work to fill jobs that are currently vacant in our school district. This includes substitute teachers, paraprofessionals and maintenance/custodian positions,” Cartwright said.
Cartwright works together with many other members of the district to make sure everything is running smoothly and to fix any issues needed to be solved.
“The atmosphere in the business office is supportive, engaging, fun and professional,” Human Resource Director Tricia Polakowski said. “We work together on a daily basis and are here probably more than we are at home, so knowing each other on a personal basis and how all of us can support each other is important.”
Polakowski says that Cartwright is always looking for ways to improve the school and help students succeed.
“Dr. Cartwright is a great person to give ideas from a different perspective and helps others look at the bigger picture. Because of his experiences he has opened my eyes to different possibilities and opportunities. He loves to share his knowledge with others and his best interests are always for the students. Dr. Cartwright enjoys seeing others grow, learn and succeed,” Polakowski said.